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Getting Started

WorldTrack Booking is a smart and simple booking system. Organise your fleet and book vehicles on both web and mobile. Integrate 97% of GPS-trackers to get a live view of your fleet.
Signing up to WorldTrack Booking is easy. First time the account is created, you have to fill out your organization, locations and departments. (Signup link)
With WorldTack Booking’s mobile apps, your employees can book vehicles on the go. The bookings will be connected to your organization and shown in a shared calendar.
There are two ways to add the Application to your phone:
  1. Navigate to either App Store or Google play and search for WorldTrack Booking App. Once you find the app, click the 'Download' button. A pop-up will ask you to confirm; click 'OK', and the application will be added to your phone. Some applications, like Box Sync, Box Edit, will require an installation of the application on a user's computer. You should be directed through the install after clicking Add Application.
  2. Contact your fleet manager. The person in charge for your company's booking account will have links that direct you to the download page.

For the admin

When creating users and vehicles you can download an excel template, fill out the information and upload all of your data in a single step. Data can also be created manually.
If your organisation has GPS-trackers they can be integrated through Worldtrack. Then you can follow the fleet through a live feed.

Anatomy of the system

Your bookings allow you to reserve a specific vehicle in a time period. This booking will show up in a shared calendar.
Your old bookings can be found in here, as well as your active and scheduled bookings.
Your public profile shows which department you belong to, and it’s the place you can change your password and etc.
WorldTrack Booking offer you mobile apps where you can book vehicles.

Booking a vehicle

You can book a vehicle through the web app or via the mobile apps, found in App Store and Google Play, called Worldtrack Booking. When booking a vehicle, start by specifying the time interval you want your vehicle, then decide which type of vehicle you will need for your duties. Then search for an available vehicle, choose one from the list, if none is shown, try searching for other types or in another time interval. Confirm your booking when asked, after the confirmation you have successfully booked a vehicle!
To check if you already have a booked vehicle, you can do this by going to the web app or mobile apps. Find the tab called My bookings. In here you can see your active bookings.
In the tab My bookings, you can see the history of your past bookings. You can see if your booking was completed or cancelled.

Cancelling a booking

If you don’t need a booking, you can cancel it, so other people can book the vehicle instead. This can be done in the My bookings tab. Under your active bookings, you can cancel your bookings by pressing the cancel button.
When you cancel a booking, the vehicle is released into the shared carpool once again. This allows other people to book the vehicle in the specific time your booking was made for.

Admin functions

The booking platform allows you to integrate your Worldtrack account, so you have the full overview over the fleet.
If you are using the Worldtrack GPS platform, you can easily import all of your vehicles into the WorldTrack booking platform.

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